Beacon Rock

Skamania, The Gorge
A dizzying mile-long switchback trail takes you up 848-foot Beacon Rock, but that’s not the only way to a tip-top experience. Rock climbing and hiking to waterfalls are the rage…
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Catherine Creek

While hikes like Dog Mountain offer wildflower showstoppers, no place in the Columbia Gorge offers the wildflower diversity and duration of Catherine Creek. Botanists flock here for months in the…
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Dog Mountain

A very popular trail, particularly from mid-April through early June, when the hills are filled with blooming wildflowers. Hikers will also see impressive views of Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams,…
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Strawberry Island

Strawberry Island’s 4-mile wildlife walk offers family-friendly, flat-terrain hiking. The area used to be an island, however, it is now landlocked. You will find footpaths through high grass, rolling hills,…
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